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Living the Dream

Living the Dream is now available at your favourite online retailers like: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, Peachpit, or Waterstones.

Living the Dream is a business book for creative people. It provides the insights and action steps they need to confidently put their skills and passions to work, to make the best business decisions possible, all in service of the ultimate goal—to make a living doing what they love.

This inter-disciplinary, no-holds barred guidebook is for emerging creative small business owners. It delivers management, marketing ideas, and principles that can make independent creative work stress free and financially rewarding. Living the Dream is void of useless references to big companies, celebrity CEOs, or industry inbreeding. Instead, it gives creative people the real goods on proven business-building strategies without all the mumbo jumbo. This powerhouse of a book is focused on how to be successful and creative as a freelancer or small business owner. Featured throughout the book are artists, weekend warriors, creative professionals, and subject-matter experts who give real-life examples and insights that will help creatives ask the right questions, and make the right decisions. It’s all about being creative and getting paid.

Artists, freelancers, sole-proprietors (solopreneurs), and small business owners who provide creative services. The industries of focus will be photography, graphic arts, web design, illustration, fine art, video and music production, and social media.

Here’s the LTDpromo video and a couple media interviews for your viewing pleasure: