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The Email Manifesto

This is a public declaration regarding my intentions and beliefs associated with sending email:

I believe email is a privilege—a tool for me to use at my convenience—not a right by which others can control my time or energy.

I believe there’s a false sense of accomplishment associated with cleaning out my inbox; my goal is to do important work not process email.

I believe that sending fewer—and shorter—emails is the only way for me to actually manage my inbox.

I believe emails should be handled as little as possible; I aim to open, read, and respond to an email in one continuous and brief effort.

I believe the telephone is still a valuable piece of technology, and that using it more will prove to myself that I am not ambi-techy.

I believe text messages and instant chat tools are emails in disguise, and I will not be wooed by them or by those who use them.

I believe that checking my inbox first thing in the morning is the worst possible way for me to start my day—reacting is not working.

I believe that, in order to be effective in my workday, my email program should be closed for at least three (3) hours per day.

I want to live and work in world that accepts the fact that emails downloaded to my phone are for my convenience and not the sender’s.

I want to live and work in a creative world, not in a digital information age. Memories are not created through email.

I want to live and work in a social world—with humans—not just with those who choose to join my “network.”

What I know for certain is that my inbox is not the best place for important information or conversations.

In the end, the only thing that really matters is that I’m available to those who need me and that I deliver on what I promise to do.